Mini Turbine Pump

The Magnetic Drive Process Pump

This magnetically coupled mini process pump from GATHER Industrie GmbH is a modern process pump for the pulsation-free metering, pumping and circulation of water, salt solutions, acids, alkalis and solvents.

The delivery rate is adjustable both by metering valve and frequency converter.

Its combination of robust, proven journal bearing technology (including efficient cooling/liquid circulation) and the maintenance- free, hermetically sealed magnetic coupling from the GATHER gear pump in a simple turbine pump design creates a low-cost, sturdy, reliable and safe multi-purpose pump.

Specifications of the Mini Turbine Pump at a glance
Materials Stainless steel, Hastelloy®, Titanium and special alloys
Liquids non-lubricating and lubricating liquids
Viscosity ν = 0.3 mm²/s to 100 mm²/s or from 90°C hot water up to sodium hydroxide (50%)
Capacities/Pressure  (see Characteristics)
Series 1:   20 –    300 l/h     up to 2,5 bar
Series 2:   60 – 1.000 l/h     up to 3,0 bar
120 – 2.000 l/h     up to 5,0 bar
Temperature T = -5 °C to +100°C
(as special version: –200 °C up to +450 °C)
Explosion Classes Zones 1, 2 and 22, Temperature classes T1…T6 or 100 K above the glow temperature of the dust (Zone 22)
Cleaning Cleaning in Place (CIP)


  • inexpensive
  • hermetically sealed
  • multifunctional
  • safe and quiet
  • maintenance-free*
  • pulsation-free

*limited to wear and tear

The noise emitted by the GATHER Mini Turbine Pump is virtually confined to the noise of the motor. The pump naturally meets the ATEX requirements for Zones 1, 2 and 22.The pump heads of the mini turbine pump possess the same magnet system as GATHER gear pump heads, so they can be operated on all drive units with the same magnet type.
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    • Operating manual

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    • ATEX information

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    • Material combinations

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    • Operating Instructions
      Control Unit LAB22-ST/A

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    • Performance curve
      Impeller 30mm

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    • Performance curve
      Impeller 53mm

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    • Performance curve
      Impeller 70mm

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