Enquiry Specification

On this page you may enter specification details to check whether suitable pumps from our standard supply range are available for your specific needs. Moreover and if so requested, the data you enter may also serve for bid preparation purposes.


Differential Pressure Δp
Min: bar Max: bar
Output Q
Min: l/min Max: l/min
Viscosity η
Min: mPa s Max: mPa s
Temperature T
Min: °C Max: °C

Privacy Statement:

The data entered for the search/calculation will be evaluated anonymously to assist our market analysis efforts. Person-related data will be used in the preparation of bids. For security reasons and to improve this service the data submitted will be stored in the log files of the server. Under no circumstances will data be disclosed to third parties.

Conditions of use:

The enquiry specification as well as all pertinent programs and data are copyrighted. The enquiry specification must not be integrated into other websites and it is furthermore prohibited to access this page by means of an automated process.

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