An individually combinable multicoupling that brings together
different operating media in a single interface. The product is
robust, extremely reliable and easy to use.

Perfectly coordinated adaptive inserts enable different diameters,
connector types and media to be flexibly integrated within
a single multicoupling. The multicoupling system offers benefits
such as increased productivity, optimal use of space,
and safety for operators and systems. It eliminates the risk of
faulty connections.

Gather develops individual systems tailored to customer specifications.

Multicoupling – the ideal interface.

  • top efficiency
  • multiple connections in a single coupling
  • coupling and decoupling even under pressure
  • short machine setup times
  • tool-free assembly
  • robust and durable
  • individually combinable connections
  • ideal for mechanical engineering, systems engineering
    and prototype engineering

motor test stands, reactors, temperature control in
injection moulding tools, rolling mills, cooling of electrical components, etc.

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