Flat-face quick-disconnect coupling

Series B8HKP, double-shutoff – Series 6000, single-shutoff feature

Ocean containers loaded with tropical and subtropical fruits are shipped from Central to North America in refrigerated container vessels. Each container is equipped with an electrically operated cooling unit. The waste heat from the cooling units has to be removed from the cargo hold. This is done by means of an on-board cooling water system. Via hoses the cooling water is fed to and discharged from the container heat exchangers.

HDW refrigerated container vessel No. 342: 33,600 GT; date of delivery: December 1999

Our quick-disconnect couplings serve to quickly connect and disconnect the cooling water hoses on the containers. If a container slot remains unoccupied the inlet and outlet hoses are directly connected by means of a bypass internally designed such that it produces a pressure drop identical to that occurring in a connected container. Thus the pressure conditions in the pipeline system remain unchanged. The bypass was jointly developed by GATHER in close cooperation with Howaldtswerke Deutsche Werft AG.

The GATHER bypass connecting the inlet and outlet hoses of unoccupied container slots.

Two vessels of identical design (hull numbers 342 and 343) were built and delivered to DOLE, shipowner, in December 1999.

The following equipment was installed in each of the two vessels:schiffsbau2

  • 622 off bypass with B8-HP36 socket and ML-69 plug
  • 622 off hose with B8-KP36 plugs
  • 622 off hose with 6600-BV sockets
  • 470 off socket with „special adapter“ and 0.8 mm nozzle
  • 470 off plug with hose stem

Accessories per vessel:

  • 120 m spare hose
  • 100 brass hose stems with stainless steel hose clamps
  • 1 squeezer including drive and various inserts
  • 4 bypasses (as spares)