Flat-face, quick-disconnect coupling of series DBG in paint supply systems

The diversity of color shades nowadays offered by the automotive industry calls for paint supply systems that in painting lines enable paint materials to be changed quickly, economically and ergonomically friendly. For this purpose systems are available that only use the specific paint amounts actually required for the multitude of individual and special paint compositions. Backwashing equipment causes residual paint to flow from the supply lines back into the relevant paint containers. The hose connection between paint containers and dosing pumps is of great significance.

GATHER quick-disconnect couplings of product series DB are used here to make sure spillage is prevented when lines are disconnected and that ambient air cannot enter the system. The inside of the couplings is designed such that they can be cleaned without leaving remnants, medium washes around all components and paint deposits are reliably removed. The pressure drop is very low since the required flushing capability is achieved primarily through the flow-enhancing contour of the inner components. The quick-disconnect couplings are for single-hand operation and can easily be connected, even under pump pressure.