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GATHER flat-face quick-disconnect coupling, double shutoff, with an electrically heated hose.

In a filling station for special wax products road tankers are filled via hoses. Over the entire filling route the fluid temperature must not drop below a defined minimum, otherwise flocculation may occur. When the filling operation is complete the hose is disconnected from the tanker without product spillage.

Heated hoselines with quick-disconnect couplings offer advantages as follows:


  • The hose can be disconnected without product being spilled: the valves integrated in the quick disconnect coupling prevent product from exiting after disconnection.
  • Easily adapted to the standard road tanker couplings.
  • Through variable electric heating a constant (adjustable) product temperature is achieved.
  • Inclusive of temperature controller for wall or control box mounting, heated hose of explosion-proof design also available.
  • The quick-disconnect couplings are entirely of stainless steel; elastomer seals/gaskets are available to suit the respective application needs.
  • All components are made of stainless steel; elastomer seals/gaskets of Viton, EPDM, Kalrez etc. are used as required.
  • Hose design in accordance with VDE regulations:
    • Hose inner tube of PTFE (Teflon) with braided stainless steel reinforcement: High chemical resistance to almost all media plus excellent pressure stability.
    • The heating element wrapped around the hose tube ensures optimum heat distribution.
    • Thermal insulation: Heat-stabilizing silicon hose.
    • Stainless steel outer braiding provides protection against mechanical stress.
  • The hose remains rotatable in connected condition: no hose torsion, no need for a swivel joint.
  • Thanks to stainless steel ring-shaped handles the couplings can be easily actuated with protective gloves.
  • Available coupling size from DN 4 to DN 50.