GATHER Flat-face quick-disconnect coupling

Solvent filling station with flat face quick-disconnect couplings, series 8-DB-RG-CD

Double shut-off, non-spill, with mechanical pin coding, of stainless steel

In a filling station for a total of 12 different solvents, 250-l drums are to be filled without the solvents getting mixed or the wrong solvent being filled into a drum. Occupational safety requirements demand that no solvent spillage must occur when the couplings are disconnected.

Dry-break, non-spill, quick disconnect couplings with pin coding offer the following advantages:

  • No-spill disconnection
  • Connection without air inclusion
  • The couplings meet the requirements for sterile applications and are CIP-capable, flushing with cleaning agents positively removes any residual product; there is no need to dismantle the coupling
  • Pin coding rules out mismatching and mixing faults
  • The hose remains rotatable in connected condition; no hose torsion, no need for swivel joints
  • Thanks to stainless steel ring-shaped handles the couplings can be easily actuated with protective gloves
  • All components are made of stainless steel; depending on application elastomer gaskets of Viton, EPDM or Kalrez are used
  • Available coupling size from DN 6 to DN 50