Bioprocess technology

Flat-face quick-disconnect coupling, product series DBG-CSP, dry-break type

Uncontaminated biological cultures can only be produced in an aseptic environment using installations that warrant absolute tightness. It is mandatory that the virulent microorganisms are safely handled. The lines leading into the bioreactor to add media and take samples are usually closed off by means of diaphragm or ball valves. The design of ball valves allows for dead spaces in the valve which entails cleaning requirements. Diaphragm valves often give rise to the formation of aerosols which constantly act on and cause brittleness of the diaphragms which must then be replaced resulting in higher maintenance efforts.

GATHER quick-disconnect couplings offer decisive advantages:

  • Integrated shut-off valves enable a non-spill handling of infectious cultures
  • Safe and quick connections can be made up under aseptic conditions
  • The design of the coupling interior allows inline sterilization to be applied. Fluids wash around all components and remove product deposits so that the couplings need not be dismantled or disassembled for cleaning purposes
  • Due to the inner contour without dead spaces the coupling’s resistance to flow is very low
  • A protective enclosure prevents the valve faces from being contaminated
  • The couplings can be easily plugged in, even under pressure
  • Easy to mount: existing aseptic unions/connections may be used