Mechanical Pin Coding System

If different products are filled into systems or re-filled certain products must not come into contact with each other. Therefore, it has to be ruled out that connections to the lines are confused. This is achieved with the help of the mechanical pin coding of the pipe and hose quick-disconnect coupling.

The standard version of the mechanical coding system enables 48 different coding positions to be attained. During engagement the coding is visible from the outside and the coupling can be easily turned in position. Twisting of the hose is avoided. There is no need to tediously find out the correct coding positions; neither is a color coding system necessary.

Using a wrong hose on a given tank will reliably prevent the valves from opening and thus avoid undesired product mixing. If the coupling is mounted askew the valves will not open.

Electronic Coding System

In case many coding variants are needed of if the process requires fluid filling to be monitored from a PLC unit in the control room this is achieved electronically! For this purpose the mechanical coding pin is simple replaced by an electronic proximity switch or sensor. An almost unlimited number of code types and control configurations is available if an electronic coding system is employed. If the temperature of the fluid passing through the coupling is high heat-resistant insulating rings are provided to protect the sensor.


In a hose line conveying hazardous media a predetermined breaking point has to be arranged that prevents spillage of dangerous liquids or combustible gases in the event of unexpectedly exerted pull forces. For this purpose, flanged couplings attached via tear-off pins are usually employed. If such a coupling becomes detached in an emergency greater efforts are needed to restore the original state of the connection, i.e. the manufacturer’s service staff must be called to re-mount the coupling. As a cost-effective alternative in this case GATHER’s double-shutoff quick-disconnect coupling with control wire feature is available.

Tear-off Safeguard for Pull Forces (Axial)*

A wire rope attached to the socket’s sliding collar pulls the collar into opening direction if the hose is torn off. The plug inside the socket disengages and the valves in both coupling components close. Now the plug is permitted to slide out of the socket’s seal ring. In this way gas or liquid is prevented from escaping. After separation both hose ends can be reconnected by simply plugging them together so that the coupling is immediately ready for use again.

Also observe the instructions given in the operating manual.

The control wire, for example, may be attached to a wall via a clamp. The rope wire length has been selected such that the sliding collar of the socket moves into opening direction before the hose tightens. The tear-off safeguards are available for product series DBG and HKT with all materials and connections of the supply range.

Tear-off Safeguard for Transverse Forces (non-axial)*

This emergency break device enables hose disconnection in case inadvertent non-axial hose pull forces are encountered. Pull forces, for example, may arise when road or rail tankers are loaded and the vehicle starts moving without the hose being disconnected after the loading operation has been completed. Coupling socket (female portion) and coupling plug (male portion) are interlocked during loading. The plug is permanently mounted on the vehicle. Normally, the connection is separated by moving the slide collar back. If rope pull forces are exerted the disengaging disk acts against the collar thus moving it back.


  • Shear or tear-off pins need not be replaced after an emergency break, simply plugging the parts together restores the connection.
  • The coupling offers break-away and quick-disconnect functions in a single system.
  • To function properly, the coupling needs not be arranged in the middle of the hose but is located on the vehicle itself: The vehicle when leaving will thus not carry along a disconnected hose section; instead the entire hose remains at the loading station!

*Note: The above described two features may also be combined!

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