About us

Since 1976 GATHER Industrie GmbH has been providing excellently manufactured high-quality products in the form of magnetic-drive gear pumps and quick-disconnect couplings for piping and hoselines. Our success as a company is based on the qualified engineering services we provide and the client-specific solutions we offer as well as the wide range of series products we keep on stock. Moreover, we achieve long-term and strong customer retention due to our far-reaching Aftersales Services.


In the past few years all our CNC machinery has been modernized to reflect the state of the art needed to meet requirements calling for highest precision at shortest cycle times and flexibility to the extent possible. All components are manufactured in our own Factory, so they are “Made in Germany“.

Quality Assurance

Our Quality Assurance efforts enable maximum reproducibility to be achieved on a constant basis which is prerequisite to the consistently high quality standard of the products we supply. Product accuracy is ascertained and must always be within prescribed tolerances. Our customers thus benefit from the high degree of reliability our products offer.


GATHER Industrie not only furnishes a wide range of well-known products but is constantly developing entirely new technical solutions. Our product managers and sales engineers cooperate with customers to develop tailor-made products for specific uses. Whether in the field or in Mettmann, our team of engineers is also prepared to take up problematic technical challenges. From the resulting cooperation interesting new products emerge, such as for example a connectable spray gun or linear overflow valve. Put us to the test.

Company History

Mr. Herbert Gather, Dipl. Volkswirt, founded GATHER & Co. GmbH which in 1976 was renamed in GATHER Industrie GmbH. Activities started with making hose coupling systems, followed by dosing pumps a few years later. The success of these products in the market enabled GATHER Industrie GmbH to develop and grow.

Mr. Ekkehart Weinberg was appointed General Manager.

On the basis of CNC machinery modernized to reflect the current state of the art the inhouse production in the field of dosing pumps was set up.

Mr. Klaus Lübke, Dipl.-Ing., formerly technical manager took over the helm as General Manager. The first inhouse produced flat-face quick-disconnect double-shutoff coupling was put on the market.

GATHER Industrie GmbH’s supply program now includes pre-filters and overflow valves.

GATHER developed the mini centrifugal pump on the basis of the magnetic drive gear pump.

The “tribologic ceramic” for the magnetic drive gear pump and the mini centrifugal pump has been developed.

Groundbreaking for the new construction of GATHER Industrie GmbH in the industrial area Kocherscheidt, Lise-Meitner-Straße 4, 42489 Wülfrath, GERMANY

In January, the GATHER Industrie GmbH takes final of location Mettmann in their ultra-modern new building to Wülfrath.
The development, production and sales are now carried out in the 50th year of the company’s existence from Wülfrath.

The products offered by GATHER Industrie GmbH are used for pharmaceutical, chemical applications, in the medical field, plant construction and food processing industry. In the meantime, GATHER Industrie GmbH has grown into a company employing a staff of some 50 people and being active on a national as well as international basis to respond to the challenges posed by our customers and by globalization.